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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - 10/15/14

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I am starting this day off BRIGHT by linking up with Christina over at Miss DeCarbo!
Today is Birthday Dress Down Day! On the third Wednesday of each  month, we have Birthday Dress Down Day. Anyone (kids and staff!) who had/will have a birthday that month can wear jeans or whatever they want. This is a BIG deal because we are not allowed to wear jeans at all...not even on Fridays {gasp!!!}. So, here is my Birthday Dress Down Day outfit! My previous school gave us these fun shirts, and of course, I'm taking advantage of the jeans!
My question today is: What does your school do to recognize birthdays of students/staff/both throughout the year?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and be sure to head back to Miss DeCarbo to catch up with more teachers!

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  1. I love your birthday dress-down outfit. Oh, and happy birthday! Our students are allowed to bring in treats and the class sings, I like the singing part but I'm not in love with the treat part. There is a list of staff names in the teacher's lounge where teachers can write their birthdays if they want to. Our "Sunshine Committee" gives cards. The cards are usually handmade by our very talented music teacher!
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