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I'm Meredith, a South Florida teacher who loves coffee, creating, and the color teal. I enjoy developing engaging resources for teachers and students. My passion is, and always will be in the classroom!

I love creating engaging resources that get students (and teachers!) excited about learning. My passion is to incorporate language arts into all content areas...especially math! Over the years, I have taught high achieving kindergarten, high achieving first grade, and third grade. This year, I am teaching kindergarten.

Here's a bit of my education journey...
Florida Atlantic University - Bachelors in Elementary Education
ESOL Endorsement
Barry University - Masters in Reading
Gifted Endorsement

I student taught in a high achieving kindergarten class with an amazing mentor teacher. He pushed me right into teaching before I was even supposed to take over the classroom. It was a great blessing.
I then looped to high achieving first grade with the same students. Looping was perfect for my first year of teaching because I already knew my students' levels and they already knew my expectations.

After a short stay as Communications Director at a private school, I returned to public school and co-taught third grade reading with two wonderful teachers.
My married my best friend in January 2013. He keeps my type-A personality in check. After working at our church for almost 7 years, he decided that he also wanted to teach and switched careers. He currently teaches middle school.
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