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Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week - "Who Monday"

This morning I'm linking up with the wonderful ladies of Blog Hoppin' for TEACHER WEEK, a back to school link up!'s a little about myself.

Teaching Life:
Last year, I was a first year teacher. I had the blessing of teaching the group of kiddos that I interned with. I taught these first graders for a year and was IN LOVE. Fast forward to this summer: I get offered a job as Communications Director & Character Education teacher at the private Christian school I grew up in. What is Communications Director? Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, parent emails, student grade website managing, marketing, creating cute handouts and signs for teachers, promotional bulletin boards throughout the school, plus teaching Character Ed. for 12 weeks in the fall. I was hesitant to pull myself out of the classroom, but I jumped at the opportunity to work at my own elementary school. I've been here for 2 weeks so far and I'm loving it! (Only having slight classroom withdrawls so far!)
My first classroom!
Leaving my first classroom...
Family Life:
I come from a family of four. My brother and I are three years apart- he's younger. He is quite the character. We used to fight a lot when we were younger, but when I went to college he realized that me missed me. LOL Now we get along. (This is not the best picture, but I'm scramblin' here!)
Dad, Nick, Me, brother, Mom after my awards from undergrad.
I married my husband almost 2 years ago. We met at our church on Halloween when I was a senior in high school. He was dressed like a chicken. (Just imagine that one!) He makes me laugh, and is always keeping me entertained. Not a single serious moment can go by without Nick making light of it! He graduated from seminary, but actually teaches middle school Bible, science, and social studies.
Candid! ...pushing me off the ledge during our Engagement shoot!
Outside of School:
Nick and I go to a wonderful church here in South Florida. Nick has worked there since he was about 11 years old. We met there. He proposed there. We were married there. We LOVE our church family!
Plus, they have Zumba at church on Mondays. LOVE!
Other than that, I'm mostly work and school. Boring, I know. I'm BUSY BUSY with work and my Master's, but I will graduate this May! Yippee!

I taught reading this summer at a camp for kiddies who are deaf/hard of hearing. It pushed me to be a better and more thoughtful teacher! My first grade creations really helped the kids to nail down some skills.
Fun Facts:
I'm slightly OCD...but not with keeping my bedroom clean.
My husband says I'm a little too obsessed with my phone and computer.
I found my favorite hobby, creating for TPT, this past April and have been blessed by it ever since.
I try to run often, but it honestly doesn't happen as much as I'd like it to.
Decorating classrooms is my favorite thing to do.
I'm known at school for doing fun bulletin boards.
I get embarrassed when people compliment me.
I wear dresses almost every day to school.
I admit I have about over 50 dresses. {no joke!}
I grew up dancing, and danced until I was a senior in high school (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hip, etc.).
I'm {secretly} sad I didn't keep the dancing up!

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  1. Great to meet you Meredith! I love your blog!

  2. I am a 2nd year teacher, too. Your new job sounds fun! Wearing a dress to school everyday doesn't sound like a problem to me. Florida sunshine sounds amazing.


  3. Your new job sounds like so much fun!! I laughed reading about your relationship with your brother, because my brother and I are the exact same way. Also, I was a dance too and I miss it occasionally. I'm coaching a 2/3 dance team at my school this year so maybe that will be my fix. :)



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