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Friday, August 29, 2014

FREEBIE! - Mental Math Center

I'm excited to share this little freebie with you!
I'm currently obsessed with the bright, clear, and adorable clipart from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips. So, when I got these adorable little soccer dudes, I just HAD to create!
Since, I don't have a classroom this year, one of my sweet friends sent me a few pictures of her kids using this during math centers...(Pardon the cropping...I had to cut their sweet faces out!)
So, the center activity consists of task cards, soccer ball number cards, and a recording sheet.
Students read the question on the card. It may say something like "What number is 10 more than 43?". Then they look for the soccer ball that shows 10 more than 43. 
The kids then match the soccer ball to the correct task card (as you can see on the top two cards in the picture). If this game were played on the floor or at a table, students would be able to "make a goal" by putting the matching soccer ball right on top of the goal!
I've gotten some great feedback from teachers at my own school who are using it in 2nd and 3rd grade as a review of 5 more/less and 10 more/less addition and subtraction skills. The kids are all excited about the soccer theme and love "making goals".

Be sure to grab a copy of this forever FREEBIE! Happy Teaching! If you like what you see, be sure to follow my blog & check out my Close Reading Mini-Series or Math Center How-To for lots of ideas! Also, be sure to grab some other freebies by heading over to Freebie Friday at the Teaching Blog Addict!


  1. Love it, lady! Can't wait to print them out and use them when the time comes!
    Missing Tooth Grins

    1. Thanks, friend! :) Can't wait to see how you use it in first grade!

  2. I currently have these cuties laminated, ready to be cut out tomorrow! I saw them and my heart smiled! What a genius idea in your friend's pictures, to display the cards in a chart like that. Seriously never thought of that idea but will be using it now!

    The 4th Grade Journey

    1. WOOOHOOO! So happy to hear that they are being put to good use! I know! My friend is a brilliant teacher! :)

  3. I am so excited about these! Thanks for your generosity. These will be perfect for beginning-of-they-year centers in my 3rd grade classroom.
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. I love the soccer theme! This is a wonderful center to use with my lower math kids! Thanks!


    1. Yes! This is perfect for that! One of my friends who teaches 3rd is using them for the same purpose. :)

  5. Great! I am not able to open the link - it says the file has been moved or deleted?


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