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Monday, August 25, 2014

EDITABLE Open House Presentation

This weekend I worked on a fun little editable project that you may enjoy! There are 20 slides that are ready for you to personalize. Take a look in this sneak peek!
 Add your name to this page! I've also added a page without the words "Open House", just in case you have a different event name.
Here is a preview of all the pages once they are completed. 
This page works as a little getting to know you page.
You can let parents know all about your schedule here.
I like to show parents what their HW checklist will look like so that they are not confused the first week of school. I added an image of it to this slide.
Want parents to volunteer??? I included this slide and one about class parties!
 This product also has 4 blank pages with editable titles so that you can add extra pages with any specific information you need to share with parents.

 If you would like to see a larger preview or grab this editable presentation, click here.

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