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Monday, July 7, 2014

Markdown Monday - Blasting off with -ing

Today, I'm linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for Markdown Monday!
Do your students need practice with those tricky spellings of present tense -ing verbs? This is a fun game that will help students to conquer the many different spellings. This game works with three types of -ing verbs: those where you have to double the final consonant, those where you have to drop the final -e, and those that simply stay normal. See more of a preview here.
64 total pages
3 anchor charts
2 board game versions - with and without clipart
6 game piece to use as place markers
2 card sets - with the -ing endings and without the -ing endings
2 recording sheets (2 pages each)
2 answer keys
1 set of blank cards if you are interested in adding your own words
**B/W versions of EVERY part of the game**

I LOVE this game. Plus, the adorable clip art from The Price of Teaching makes me oh so happy! It's on sale for only $2 until Friday! Check it out by clicking of the image above!

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