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Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday - 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! I hope you all have a day full of family, sunny weather, cookouts, and pure fun!
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I ventured to IKEA all by myself (I wouldn't recommend that. LOL) to buy a bookshelf. Of course, while I was there I also got a white metal napkin holder and some fun big plastic straws, but that is besides the point. Last year, I used IKEA's Flyt bins for book bins in my classroom. They held up very well even though they are cardboard. A few would open at the bottom because certain kids put very heavy books in them, but I would just tape it with masking tape and move on. At the end of the year, I let the kids go to town decorating them. They loved it. 
Here are the bins used in my room. I added laminated numbers and attached them with velcro so that I can get new bins and reuse the numbers.
So here is proof that they are back!!! They come 5 to a pack for only $1.99. AH-MAZING. Get them now before they are sold out. Last year, all the teachers raided the IKEA by me and I literally bought the last 4 packages.
Really??? This shirt is sort of funny on a kid to begin place that kid in camp for kids who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. Seriously, I laughed so hard when he came into my class. This specific child is not deaf, but his brother is. They are both quite the jokesters. I know you're not suppose to have favorites, but this little one and his brother are my favorites. :)
I've been super busy at camp this week because we were observed by the county. However, we worked very hard and did some old school Write-the-Room activities for my early finishers.
Side note: We have zero, zero, zero supplies in summer camp, so this room truly makes me sad to even look at. Plus, this school lets us use the oldest building on the campus. I am thankful, but it does look bare. Please ignore the white walls and broom while you focus on the littles. Thanks! :)
I started tutoring a PreK-er this week. Yes, I am tutoring a 4 year old. Lots of competition in that little preschool of his. Luckily, I used to babysit him so he was comfortable, and we got straight to work when I came over. We did lots of letter identification practice and worked on cutting. I'm very impressed with how far along he is already. Next stop, phonemic awareness!
And last but certainly not least - I went to Hobby Lobby! We never had a Hobby Lobby in South Florida until a few months ago, so I just had to stop by (numb face from the dentist and all!) I picked up an adorable, but heavy apple platter for $5. A huge painted frame for $14. A little tray for wallets and change for $2. And my favorite - a spinning pen/pencil/marker holder for my new office for $6. What a steal! I can't wait to head back over to the store next week!

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