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Friday, June 20, 2014

Homework Checklists

This project has been a favorite of mine! Not only is it extremely helpful during the school year for teachers, but it is also a life saver for students. Keep reading to get a little walk through...
 So, this is the sample homework checklist.
Spelling words and homework are listed in a clear format for students. I like this setup because it is thin enough for me to simply staple into student agendas on Monday morning. (Plus, two checklists per page means less copy paper!) Once stapled, they are set for the week!

1) Labels, titles, and cutesy fonts are NOT editable, but all other information is.
 2) Labels are editable in case you split your spelling words differently or need to add sight words or vocabulary.
 3) Literally everything here is editable. This is a great option for teachers who want to use their own cute fonts and borders.
Homework Policy:
Homework varies drastically depending on your school. I have certain things that I HAVE to give students. Homework is evaluated on our report cards. I am also mandated to give nightly homework instead of a weekly packet. So, how do you keep 6 & 7 year olds on track with nightly homework AND how do you as a teacher know who is completing what? My OCD kicked in this past school year.

 Last Year: I had a homework sheet with spelling words and nightly homework stapled into student agendas. Then, I had this on a clip board and would check off each student's homework each day. This way I have proof for report card time. This year I am definitely going to make this chart more eye appealing. :)
Now, I have taken the old form that was stapled into the student agendas and transformed it. This copy is MUCH more concise. I feel that it is easier for students to follow along. It has the weekly dates at the top (This helps for teacher planning and for parents). Spelling words are then listed by category. I like this system of breaking them up by skill, pattern, and no-excuse words (aka sight words). Under that are the nightly requirements.
Completed checklist (pardon my trash)...
When I check homework first thing in the morning, students open their agendas to this page. I then check off on my teacher checklist (that blah one above) and also on the student checklist that it is complete. If homework is not done or is forgotten, that assignment is highlighted on both my checklist and the student's. This serves as a reminder to parents after school and to me during report card time. And that's that! An easy peasy way to give homework and keep track of it during the busy school year! Check them out here.

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  1. This is fabulous. I'll have to keep this in mind while I figure out what I am doing next year. Thanks!!

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