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Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday - 6/20/14

 Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another wonderful Five for FRIDAY! Aren't Fridays wonderful!?!
On Father's Day, I went to mass with my dad, which is a HUGE deal. I go to church every week, but dad doesn't consider it church because it's not Catholic. :) Anyways, I decided to make his day and go with him. He was in heaven. (No pun intended! ha!) After mass, my brother, husband, and I hung out with Dad in the backyard. I made this homemade guac for the first time. YUM-O!
My teacher friend and I have been adamant on working out in the gym at my new community at least a few times per week. Boy oh boy have my arms been sore! I'm not used to lifting weights, but I do love it so far.
Teaching camp has been such wonderful experience! Most of the students are low readers or deaf and/or hard of hearing. This paper titled "My Favorite Part of Summer Camp" was written by one of my favorites. Although it is hard to read, this sweetie does seem to love my husband (He's the PE Coach) and his interesting games like Toilet Tag. Precious.
 Does anyone have a clothes and/or shoes addiction?!? Old Navy had 40% off all shoes on Wednesday, so naturally I had to stop in. Fast forward - I now own three more flats and some tortoise flip flops. How can a teacher help it???
I don't work camp on Fridays, so Fridays have become my creative day. Here are two things I've been working on...
This is the Editable Homework Checklist that I use in my classroom. I made an editable version and finally posted it today (Those editable formats are tricky!). I like having something small and simple to give students each week. I staple this checklist into my students' agendas on Monday morning and they are good to go! I'm going to write a blog post about this procedure soon.
I've also been working on this large pack of homework sheets. Each page is aligned to one of the Foundational Skills or Language Common Core Standards. I'm excited to have these to use next year as a way to check student understanding.

So, that's what's been going on. Be sure to link back up with the Five for Friday party and see what other teachers are up to! See ya!

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