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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quality Teacher Shirts

Do you wear enjoy wearing fun teacher t-shirts in the classroom on Fridays? I do! I cannot wait to grab a few new ones this year as I move to kindergarten! If you are on the lookout for adorable teacher shirts, look no further.,, and have everything your teacher heart could desire!
Last month, as I was prepping to travel to Las Vegas for the SDE and Teachers Pay Teachers conference, I heard about a company offering bloggers a FREE t-shirt with their logo. Of course I jumped on that opportunity! The online editing tool on was very simple to use. I picked a t-shirt style and color, and poof! I had a beautiful new teacher shirt!

Within a few days, my t-shirt was on my front steps. Just in time for Vegas! Let me tell you...this shirt is perfect! The color is bright, and my logo is not one bit blurry. A+ Images was so thoughtful to include blogger instructions as well as directions on how to get the best results when you first wash the t-shirt. While in Vegas, I loved seeing all the other bloggers showing off their blog with a shirt. :) It's such a fun idea and helped to easily identify people that I did not know personally. 
A+ Images has many different t-shirt options. You can create your own with their custom shirt category, you can browse their teacher apparel, and you can even get a class t-shirt that includes all of your sweet students' faces! How stinkin' adorable is that?!?! Go to to customize the color and faces before you order yours for the new school year. I just know my students and parents will love them!


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