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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday Wishlist Linky

Are you ready for Black Friday!?!? I am so excited to join my Primary Pack pals for a fun linky a few days before the shopping will begin! If you are like me, you are obsessed with some of the things you see around the wonderful online world of Teachers Pay Teachers. are my wish listed items. Some of them are perfect for December. Others are just things that I am a fan of and have wanted to buy for a LONG time. Have fun browsing!
Here are the links to each product. Be sure to check out each product's preview. They are great!

from Katie Fretwell - Simply Creative in KY
This would be a fantastic addition to first and second grade literature units. Katie's Main Idea Mysteries includes object cards that you can put into brown paper bags. Students then have to be detectives and determine what the main idea of the bag is. A few students that I tutor will love love love this!

from Missing Tooth Grins
Alisha's monthly math journals are just wonderful! She creates first and second grade versions for each month. I have edited for her many times, and let me tell you, I am always impressed. I love how you just print, staple, and hand it out. Easy and convenient!

from Blair Turner
This set includes math assessments for each of the CCSS standards as well as sets of different task cards. These would be great for informal assessments in the classroom. I hope to use them this year with students I am tutoring.

from Mandy Gregory
This set caught my eye on Facebook, and I immediately wishlisted it. I love the real pictures and the layout of each page. Mandy has included a very detailed preview if you click on the link above. I am not in the classroom this year, but I still have this as a "NEED". It would be perfect for first and second graders during December or January. I love that it incorporates research and writing. Those are two things that I always push in my classroom.

from The Brown Bag Teacher
These subtraction story problems are fantastic. Catherine includes three different versions of the story problems so they provide quick and easy differentiation with students. Each problem requires students to show the number in a variety of ways. I would love to include these as one of my math centers and use them with a few of the kiddos that I tutor in math!

from Stephanie Stewart 
I think I may have had my eye on this for OVER a year. Why haven't I purchased it by now? I have NO clue! This is a definite must have for our ocean animal unit in the late spring. Stephanie includes so many different activities to increase student engagement and writing throughout the unit. I highly recommend her Common Core Classroom units!

And here are some of my top selling items! I've included the preview images below. Just click on the preview to see the product description. Enjoy!
Traveling with Text Features: Do your students need practice with identifying, understanding, and using text features?  This 120-page pack of text feature activities will keep your students engaged and thinking! There are varying levels of activities to promote easy differentiation. Some activities even have two options in order to allow you to meet your students where they are. Printer friendly versions of each activity are included for your printing preference. 
How-to Math Centers: If you are interested in implementing math centers in your classroom, but don't know where to begin, this is wonderful starter pack. It includes a math block overview, student grouping ideas, rotation schedules, small group ideas, independent center ideas, computer center ideas, 5 specific centers, student rotation cards, center bin labels.  
All About Dogs Close Reading Passages: This pack includes 10 close reading passages about different breeds. There are also handouts and question sheets that focus on visualizing, vocabulary, questioning, reading response, text features, main idea, compare & contrast, informational writing, & opinion writing. All handouts are based on Common Core State Standards. I absolutely LOVE using these passages in small group with my students.

Now it's time for our HUGE giveaway! Check out these wonderful products!

That's all folks...Be sure to hop back to the linky to see other wish listed items! Happy Shopping!

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