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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Savings! A Linky Party!

I'm so excited about this new Sunday Savings link up with Nicole Swisher from All Things Apple in 2nd! I absolutely love sales...especially on jewelry and clipart! I just can't pass up a cute little drawing that is on sale. This link up is a perfect way to grab some items for your classroom and save money at the same time!

This Sunday, I'm featuring all things pumpkin. It's October which means pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin everything!  I always love sharing these cute activities with my students, and my hope is that your students will enjoy them also! Click on the preview pictures below to stop by my store for 20% off these pumpkin-y activities...
First up, PUMPKIN DAY! This is by far my favorite activity for fall. My classroom is transformed into a pumpkin paradise for students to explore and enjoy! Here is a preview of the 11 activities included:
 ...and here it is in action!
Also on sale today are my Pumpkin Pronoun task cards. These are only $2.00 regularly, so you are scoring them today for less than that! These task cards will help your students to practice changing nouns into pronouns. Each task card is themed with pumpkin clipart and pumpkin sentences. Enjoy!
And last, but certainly not least, is one of my best sellers in fall! These 4 close reading passages will keep students engaged in the text while practicing informational text structure and features. This pack includes 4 passages about pumpkins, vocabulary and reading response handouts, graphic organizers, and writing prompts. I use one passage per week as homework - students complete a different activity each night with the SAME passage. This works to increase fluency and comprehension. By the end of the week, students and parents know all about the topic!

Stop by next week for more Sunday Savings & be sure to link back up at All Things Apple in 2nd


  1. Hey Meredith!!! Your products look AMAZING!!!! They are so eye catching and thorough!!! Seriously, awesome!!! Thanks again for linking up today!!! It's so exciting to see all of the circulars today!! Can't wait till next week!! :)

    Thanks again, and hope to see you next week!!
    All Things Apple in 2nd

  2. Thank you, Nicole! I so appreciate it! :) I'm beyond excited about this link up. It's a brilliant idea! Thanks again!

  3. Love your Pumpkin unit Meredith! This looks like so much fun!


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