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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday - 7/18/14

Linking up for one of my favorite linky parties with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
This week (if you start at Sunday!) started off here. I don't know what my life would be like without this wonderful church. I met my husband here, was baptized here, and have SUCH a close church family here. I loved on some babies and then went to service where they announced that there will be a weekend soon called "Dog Days!" Yes, you get to bring your dog into service. Wow. Last time we did this a few years ago, it brought lots of new people! I'm hoping for the same this time!
I've been hard-core into 3 Weeks No Cheats! I've been working out each day and eating right! :) So, I figured I'd start going to Zumba again! My church as an amazing (and super challenging) class on Mondays, and I'm going to try my hardest to go each week from now on! They clear the seats out of our "small" chapel and we dance!
This week in camp, I used #Hashtag Granny from Teacher's Clubhouse for my 3-5th grade campers with various hearing disorders. It was the definition of perfection. Basically, all the sentences are written in hashtags, and students have to write them with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. The ENTIRE room was silent. My partner teacher & I couldn't believe it. Because many of them sign, they do not know how to write a sentence in the correct order. It's almost like learning Spanish. The students will flip the noun and the adjective because they have never actually heard a sentence spoken before. Definitely check this one out!
 This week I put on a mini-series on my blog all about the components of Close Reading. I have had to do a lot of research on it for my Master's so I wanted to share it with other teachers. Today is Day 4/5. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in starting Close Reading in your classroom this year!
And finally, I have been working my {behind} off on the new LAFS for Florida. Of course, FL backed out of the CCSS and now we all need new "I Can" statements, checklists, etc. I am finished with Kindergarten and am currently working on 4th. Then I will do 1-3 & 5th. It's a TON of work, but I know teachers need it and will be grateful for it. My packs include 216 pages of checklists, mastery charts, standard posters (full & half page), and "I Can" statements (full & half page). Right now they come in two different colors: turquoise chevron & rainbow stripe. Enjoy!

Link up with other teachers for more ideas! See ya soon!


  1. teaching4thgradersJuly 19, 2014 at 9:48 AM

    I can't wait for the 4th grade "I Can", etc. That you are working on! Hurry up, lol!

    1. LOL! 4th Grade is almost finished. Sending it to an editor within the hour. Should have it posted today. Thank you for the sweet words!


  2. Wow! Your blog is ADORABLE!! And browsing through your work, it is all so clean and CUTE! I LOVE it! I will definitely be following! :)

    Shoe Laces & Sweet Faces

    1. Thank you Tiffany for your sweet words! You are the second person to refer to me as "clean" lol. :))


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