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Monday, April 28, 2014

Close Reading - Rainforests!

I've had this rainforest pack of close reading passages in the works for a WHILE now, but (drum roll please) it is done! It is 50% off in my TpT store for only 48 hours. Here's a sneak peak!
This gives teachers an inside look at how I use this pack of passages in my classroom during the week. I normally give one passage for homework and we do another during small group for the week.
There are 4 close reading for each layer of the rainforest. Each one is labeled with a lexile level. I have included text features with important information so that students have to access them to find answer to various questions. On the first day of reading, my students read the passage and circle unfamiliar words.
Each passage has a matching Vocabulary Builder. This helps students to further understand the vocabulary used in the text. My students really enjoy this part. After circling unfamiliar words and discussing some vocabulary, we do this page together. I have the kids underline what helped them to understand the new work.
 Here's an example from today...
On day 2, my students reread the text and complete this page. Students *MUST* use evidence from the text to answer the questions. My kiddos like to highlight their evidence.
This is a skill that is quite challenging for my firsties. It is more of a second grade skill, but because my kids read on a 2-5th grade level, I have to push them! We focus on ONLY one paragraph at a time. We pull out the main idea and find our evidence (and highlight, of course!).
By day 4 or 5, we are experts about the specific layer that we studied! I have students practice informative writing using an introduction sentence, at least 4 details, and a closure sentence.
Other days, we may use this opinion writing prompt. Again, we focus on the three main parts of an opinion - introduction, details, and closure. The kids are becoming wonderful writers!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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